PlazSales Paperless Business Solution Combines POS, Accounting, Customer & Ticket Management & Saves Paper, Time & Money

Digital system tracks sales and inventory, streamlines workflow and payroll, eliminates wasted paper and ink and could save businesses hundreds per month in processing fees

St. Louis, MO – December 1, 2016 – PlazSoft, a software development company run by serial entrepreneur Jeff Minnis, has created a paperless business solution, PlazSales, to save businesses paper, time and money.  A completely interactive digital system tracks multifaceted sales, rewards programs and inventory flow, streamlines employee workflow and payroll management, eliminates wasted paper and ink and could save businesses hundreds per month in processing fees.

Developed as an easier to use, more feature rich and better-priced alternative to the leading small business accounting software, PlazSales combines checkout, POS (Point of Sale), accounting, payroll, purchasing, customer and ticket management to help maximize productivity, sales, profitability and customer relationships.

“Using our competitor’s small business accounting software for years motivated me back in 2008 to begin developing an alternative solution that could save businesses time and money and also provide functionality that I thought was missing,” explained Minnis. “I also wanted to help businesses go green. After eight years, I’m excited to bring a robust solution to market!”

 PlazSales provides functionality and ease of use Minnis couldn’t find elsewhere. The solution:      

1.  Integrates POS and accounting functions seamlessly into one program that doesn’t require daily syncing between the two.
2.      Allows businesses to document activities and opportunities surrounding transactions or tickets to nurture customer relationships.

Interactive Digital System Helps Businesses Save Paper, Time & Money:

 To save on processing fees, customers will have the flexibility to choose their own payment processor, which is not an option with the competing software. Minnis explained, “I located an affordable payment processor who processes for large retailers and began using them in my store, Jeff Computers, where my team has developed and tested PlazSales. Since switching, we’ve saved hundreds per month compared to using the other software’s processor.”

PlazSales will include this low-priced payment processor as an option for customers who don’t wish to choose their own. “We’re happy to help businesses benefit from the research that saved us money,” said Minnis.

The interactive digital system eliminates wasted paper and ink, from the first transaction to the back-end processing. Electronic ticketing tracks work and sales, electronic receipts from an optional signature PIN pad are stored securely in the cloud, and employees can message each other electronically.

PlazSales also includes easy payroll management from AccuPay that could save businesses up to 50% compared to the leading payroll processor.  “It is fantastic to see an intuitive, easy-to-use alternative for business owners,” said Elizabeth Kintz of AccuPay.  “I have seen the outdated systems some business owners have in place, and PlazSales will provide an all-in-one back office solution to support accounting, POS, sales, payroll and customer tickets.”

PlazSales will be $499.99 per license. Expected to release late December 2016, the software runs on Windows PCs and tablets.

To help finalize the software, PlazSoft today launched an Indiegogo campaign. Offers include: $99 licenses for the first 50 supporters, $299 licenses for the next 75, and $30 for a scaled-back version for personal accounting.  The site contains details: Funds will be used to add more features, polish existing ones, enhance the reporting, and license database and development tools.

PlazSales Overview

  •  Customer, Employee Workflow & Ticket Management Systems – Streamline productivity and maximize sales with information management and ticketing system where employees track/document activities surrounding multifaceted sales and service transactions.
    •         Sales Lead and Follow-up System – Track potential customers and provide better service to current clients using an integrated calendar, a powerful sales screen and tickets that paint the picture of customer relationships.
    •         Manage Customer Rewards Program – Customize the system to track and manage your specific customer rewards program.
    •         Save Paper and Ink – Eliminate wasted paper and ink using the internal messaging system, electronic ticketing, and electronic receipts from an optional signature pin pad.
    •         Integrated Accounting, No Sync Necessary – Keep track of expenses and purchases with no syncing necessary between POS and accounting systems.
    •         Save on Credit Card Processing Fees – With freedom to choose your own payment processor, or use the included low-priced option.
    •         Easy Payroll Processing – Track employee clock in/out, summarize by payment timeframe, and submit payroll with one click via integrated and affordable AccuPay payroll processor.
    •         Inventory Management – track inventory and quantity available for sale.
    •         Custom Report, Catalog and Receipt Designer – Create catalogs, add letterheads and logos, and change layouts using a point-and-click designer.
    •         Advanced, Secure Credit Card Technology – Reads the latest EMV credit card chips, encrypts credit cards, and never even sees the full credit card info.
    •         Calendar – Keep track of appointments with built-in calendar that links to tickets/customers.
    •         Windows-Based – Runs on desktops, laptops, and tablets.
    •         Support – Phone and email support with 24/7 merchant support.

 About PlazSoft and Owner/Entrepreneur Jeff Minnis

Jeff Minnis, named the 2012 Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the St. Louis Small Business Administration, has been repairing computers since age 12 for friends and family. A Manchester native, he later opened his store, Jeff Computers, in that city’s downtown. Minnis earned a computer science degree from Webster University and upon graduation, established his second business, PlazSoft, for developing software. At these two businesses, Minnis and his team create software and provide computer solutions. PlazSoft has also launched other programs including StudyX educational software and a spaceship shooter Yargis and

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