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Integrated Payment Gateways

PlazSales offers a seamlessly integrated enterprise-level credit card processing solution, allowing for a unification of the payment process across your entire company. PlazSales can handle all different types of inputs, whether you are processing on a mobile device, hand-keying, swiping, or batch. PlazSales can do it all..

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Any Question?

You can find the answer here to some most commonly asked questions

Point of Sale (POS)

“POS” is an acronym for “Point of Sale which is in itself a shorter form of “data capture at the point where a sale is made”. The term came about as evolving computer hardware and software made it possible to capture the sale information at the time the sale was made.

How long will it take to setup my POS?

Normally it is best to plan 1-3 weeks.

Can I track my inventory with Plazsales POS?

Yes, we can help you track your inventory using a barcode scanner, purchace orders, and receiving vouchers.

How is my POS system connected to my credit card processor?

Most POS (point of sale) systems utilize an Internet connection to transmit the credit card transaction data from your POS system to the credit card processor for authorization and settlement purposes. Your POS system connects directly to a credit card processor or could require a third party interface such as Datacap Systems, IC verify or PC Charge to process credit card transactions. An always on Internet connection is required for most POS systems. This Internet IP external connection could be via a DSL, Cable, ISDN, Frame Relay or VSAT (Satellite) connection.

How are bar codes used in a restaurant or bar?

Bar code scanning is popular in retail operations and is used for several purposes in restaurants and bars. The most obvious use is to scan retail products such as shirts, hats and other items sold at a cashier station. A second use is to scan full bottle sales of wine and liquor in restaurants and bars to eliminate the chance of entering the wrong PLU code or selecting the wrong item button. For restaurants with a cashier operation the guest check number can be printed as a bar code by the POS on each guest check and scanned by the cashier eliminating the possibility of entering the wrong guest check number. Coupons can also include a bar code to speed up the discount process and accurately track various coupons. Bar coded VIP cards, Discount cards and Frequent Guest cards can be scanned to input the card number automatically instead of using more expensive magnetic cards.

What is PCI DSS and why is it important?

PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, is a strict set of standards designed to protect the cardholder’s data from credit card fraud and misuse. The PCI Security Standards Council is an organization dedicated to the development and implementation of security standards for protecting credit card data. PCI Data Security Standards are developed and implemented by a collaborative effort from American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa International.
If your restaurant point of sale (POS) software isn’t compliant with PCI DSS you could be subject to hefty fines. It’s critical that you choose a PCI-compliant restaurant software that will protect your customer’s credit card information as well as your business.

Will my POS work with out an internet connection?

Yes, PlazSales can run transactions offline. We also offer a product to maintain your internet connection with cellular backup.

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