Your customers drive your business, so you have to reach them where they are, may it be face-to-face, via phone, or digitally. Based on Mckinsey’s survey, brands need to ensure strong availability as times change with 34% of its respondents stating convenience as the reason why they try out other brands.

One way to incorporate the “putting the customer first” mindset and providing convenience is by investing in a point-of-sale system. Here’s what you need to know about POS features and benefits.

Manage your customers better

The point-of-sale system is the spot where you and your customer meet. POS can be likened to your usual cash register where customers line up to pay, but POS is an overhaul from this outdated practice. A POS system enables you to document your customers’ data such as their name, phone number, purchases, and email. By having this data, you can stay connected with your previous or existing customers and keep their records.

One common problem in customer management is the delayed lead response. In a conference paper cited on LNNS, effective lead generation was divided into three phases: identification of leads, lead generation activity, and retail sales. The only way to convert leads is by taking care of them, and this is where the importance of point of sale system comes in.

Plazsales is one of the POS systems available to help you manage leads and established customers. With its CRM suite onboard, you can manage callbacks and customer service tasks.

Additionally, you can go beyond by giving incentives to new or loyal customers. With Plazsales, you can customize the system to track and manage specific customers and loyalty programs to implement.

Retail Pos System

Ease of Access to Data

Organizations are moving towards digitalization for a reason. The 2019 economic survey from Singapore revealed that digital tools had increased around 16% of productivity in Singapore firms. You wouldn’t want to be stuck on the phase of hunting papers on your desk. 

You may streamline your team’s productivity and maximize sales with the help of POS systems with payments and customer tracking done electronically. POS systems are either cloud-based or installed on-site with a local server.

Plazsales, a cloud-based business solution, provides ease with its Customer, Employee Workflow & Ticket Management Systems where employees can track and document sales, tickets, and service transactions on the cloud. 

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Cut off on your costs

Automating inventory and customer data will make it easier to reduce indirect costs caused by employee errors. Let’s say you operate manually with a cash register and your employee inputs an incorrect amount. This error would waste time and may also lead to a non-return of customers. 

POS systems may reduce other indirect costs such as paper and ink. Electronic ticketing and receipts and an internal messaging system will eliminate waste and costs from paper and ink. Plazsales allows electronic transactions with the use of an optional signature pin pad. Additionally, you can also save on credit card processing fees to link Plazsales to your choice of payment processor.

Ensures security and efficiency

One of the advantages of point of sale system is the efficiency in tracking inventory. You’ll be able to take note of the usual number of orders. Being aware of the standard number of orders will save you from labor costs and keep your products secure from possible stealing of employees.

Plazsales can provide you with an easy-to-use inventory where you can take into account all the available quantities for sale. You won’t need to do manual inventory checks to ensure that all products are accounted for. In the talk of security, Plazsales is equipped with a Secure Credit Card Technology, which enables you to charge on credit cards, even the ones with the latest EMV credit card chips, without seeing the complete credit card information. With this technology, your customers will be at ease to continue transactions via your POS system.

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Saves your time 

There are pros and cons of POS system. Still, the pros surely outweigh the cons. POS systems can simplify your business operations with integration to third-party applications or software.

PlazSales integrates point-of-sale with other functions like accounting, purchasing, payroll, customer, and ticket management. With this integration, daily syncing is not a requirement. Using a point-and-click designer, you can also save time by creating templates using the Custom Report, Catalog, and Receipt Designer in the PlazSales platform. 

Point Of Sale Solutions

Choosing your POS system

There are several point of sale systems available in the market. Hence, it would be best if you go with the one with tons of features. Some considerations that you can note are its compatibility on devices and the support it can provide to you and your customers. 

PlazSales is an easy-to-use point of sale system which runs on desktops, laptops, and tablets and has 24/7 merchant, phone, and email support. It is also customizable for businesses in grocery, retail, service, restaurant, and more. What can you do with a culinary degree, if you don’t have a POS system to support your business?