Business and residential IT systems are under attack. Hackers have your systems in their cross-hairs, ready to use any of the tactics at their disposal to infect your computer with malware and steal your data. 

Cybercrime is even worse now that more people are social distancing and working from home. That’s more than just a guess based on what we’re seeing around St. Louis. The Hill reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cyber Division usually receives about 1,000 complaints each day, but in April 2020, that number of daily complaints rose to between 3,000 and 4,000. Also, cybersecurity companies report increases in hacking attempts since the COVID-19 crisis began, including widespread attacks using phishing emails on the topic of coronavirus that were designed to fool people into inadvertently uploading malware. 

If your business isn’t protected and you click on a malicious link or open an attachment, you’ll be forced to deal with the problems and lost data a virus, ransomware, or other malware can cause. Even if you have the right security solutions in place now, next month there will probably be new types of cyberattacks and new ways of carrying them out — so what can businesses or individuals do to protect themselves? 

The Smart Approach to Security 

A single security application that focuses on one type of attack isn’t enough. You need a multilayered strategy. Here’s the plan we use with all of our customers: 

  • Antimalware: This software automatically disables malware that tries to infect your computer if you click a bad link. These solutions detect viruses, prevent them from running, and helps remove them. 
  • Defense against “zero-day attacks”: This type of threat is new — so new that software developers haven’t discovered the vulnerability the attack exploits or haven’t had time to fix it. We make sure our customers are equipped with solutions that are designed to detect previously unknown types of attacks. 
  • Remediation capabilities: If for some reason malware still gets through, we have the ability to undo the changes the malware makes to your computer, even if everything is encrypted. 
  • Backup: We also make sure our clients have a solid backup plan. By backing up all data and applications regularly, you can revert to a previous version before the malware backed up your system. If your computer is infected with ransomware, for example, you wouldn’t have to pay to restore your data from the last backup before the attack. 

You Need An Expert

Cybersecurity is complicated and the goal post keeps moving. It takes skill, time and attention to ensure your business’ systems are always protected, and in-house cybersecurity experts are in demand and hard to find. 

Many businesses around St. Louis are turning to us to help protect their businesses, especially now when cyberattacks are occurring more often and they need to spend their time focused on economic recovery. 

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