At Hartford Coffee Company we have tried several POS over the past 12 years, but never found a POS that had all the functions we were looking for at any price Until we partnered with Jeff Computers – PlazSales.

  • Integrated credit and gift cards.
  • Very robust integrated Loyalty and rewards.
  • Ability to text or email receipts and communicate with customers all from within the POS without the need for additional software or services.
  • Customer facing touch display that allows the customer to interact with the POS.
    • Enter phone number for rewards
    • Select tip and sign onscreen.
    • Suggestive sale based on items purchased.
    • Displays customer’s order as it is being entered reducing errors.
  • Online ordering.
  • Ability to print orders to multiple print stations (kitchen, bar, salad prep).
  • Ability to schedule employees and notify employees by text or email.
  • complicated layered modifiers.
  • Discounts based on amount purchase.
  • Ingredient level inventory
  • Reservations.
  • Table layout.
  • Ability to price items with tax included.
  • Ability for POS to increase revenue
    • Online ordering
    • Customer loyalty
    • Customer communication
    • Online reservation of meeting room with charge that is paid at the time of the reservation.
    • Gift cards and loyalty that work on the POS and online
  • Manager and employee alerts via SMS text
    • Employee late for shift
    • Employee nearing over time.
    • High or low sales period
  • PlazSale is the first POS that meets our needs and offers enough customization for he POS to perform to our needs without changing our processes to meet the POS abilities.
  • We are looking for a long and ongoing relationship PlazSales.
  • We finally found a POS that will help us grow and will grow with us.

Darin Jenkins
Hartford Coffee Company
St. Louis, MO