Product Info – POS Info

My name is Jeff Minnis, owner/CEO of a software development company, PlazSoft, and a small computer consulting business and store named Jeff Computers in St. Louis. We used our competitors product’s for years, but found we needed additional functionality to better manage, service and grow our customer relationships, including better documenting activities and opportunities surrounding our sales and service transactions.

We also didn’t like that this other software didn’t integrate the POS and accounting functions into one program and required daily syncing between the two. The idea for PlazSales was born, and over five+ years we developed an integrated, no-syncing-necessary software solution not only for accounting and POS, but also for employee, inventory, ticket, sales and customer management.

We wanted to make it accessible to all businesses at a $500 license per user (retail). We believe PlazSales is the easiest and most powerful combination of accounting, ticket management, sales, and customer management and follow up tool all integrated into one product. Save paper with digital business. No more sticky notes required to track your work!

Rather than including a payment-processing bank, PlazSales allows customers to choose their own bank for payment processing.  This cost savings that we’re passing along to customers is very popular with the many small businesses, accountants and banks to whom we’ve demonstrated the software . Banks have told us that businesses can save hundreds of dollars per month compared to our competitors’ products.