Merchants have many point of sale system (POS system) providers, with a wide range of business models to choose from. Some solutions providers sell POS systems exclusively. Others’ primary line of business may be payment or financial services, and they provide POS systems as value-adds or as an additional revenue stream for their businesses. You also have the option of working with a total solutions provider who specializes in providing all of the solutions your business needs — POS, payments, and more — to succeed in your market or niche.

Here are seven reasons that working with a total solutions provider will result in the most benefits for your business.  

  1. One vendor: When one business sells, implements, and supports all of the IT systems necessary to operate your business, you reduce IT vendor management to a single provider.Your accounting department can reduce paperwork to paying a single invoice from a single vendor. 
  2. Easier troubleshooting: You can eliminate time on the phone with multiple vendors during a project or troubleshooting. If something goes wrong, you know who to call, who can get down to the bottom of the issue, and who will get you back up and running quickly. 
  3. Integrated systems: A total solution provider will ensure that different systems your business to operate — such as POS, accounting, inventory management, and loyalty — will all work together and share data seamlessly. 
  4. Big-picture view of customer experiences: A total solution provider can help you create exceptional customer experiences by leveraging all of your IT systems and selecting new solutions to complement them. 
  5. Security and business continuity expertise: A total solutions provider will understand all of the IT systems your business uses and quickly address security vulnerabilities as they are discovered. Your total solutions provider can also help you plan ways to keep your business up and running in the event of a power or internet outage. 
  6. Omnichannel solutions: A total solutions provider with expertise in your industry or niche can help you advance your business’ digital transformation. They will help you build a roadmap for implementing new solutions that can engage your customers on any channel, from any location, whether customers are shopping online, on mobile devices, or at remote sites such as pop-up shops. 
  7. Stronger partnership: A total solutions provider will grow to understand your business more comprehensively than a business that only sells a single solution or service. They’ll learn your pain points and be on the lookout for solutions to help you overcome them. Total solutions providers will also back their systems with support and be available on-site when needed. 

Shift the Focus from Technology to Business Outcomes

When you’re researching new IT systems, it’s easy to get caught up in brands, specifications, and pricing models. But working with a total solutions provider allows you to focus on the ultimate goal of your technology upgrade: business outcomes. A total solutions provider will help you reach your goals and help you choose the solutions that will deliver the greatest value. You can rely on a total solution provider’s expertise to save you time and effort, yet still implement the best technology to meet your needs. 

Total solutions providers are more invested in their clients than a vendor who provides you with a single solution. They understand that your success is their success — and they will work with you to find ways to achieve it.

To learn more about IT solutions for all of your needs, contact PlazSales.

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