Operating a successful retail business is a balancing act.  Building customer loyalty is vital, so it’s essential to do whatever you can to provide shoppers with the experiences they want. But it’s just as important to operate your business efficiently and stay profitable. A retail point of sale system (POS system) will give you the features and functionality you need to do both.

Retail Point of Sale is the Answer for Better Customer Experiences

With so many shopping choices on a variety of different channels, customer loyalty is more difficult to earn and keep than ever before. Your retail POS system is equipped with features that allow you to provide the types of shopping experiences that your customers want:

  • The Right Merchandise, In Stock

The best shopping experiences end with your customer heading back home with precisely the right items that they wanted to buy. That won’t happen if you don’t have the right merchandise in stock. Retail POS systems have inventory management features that help you make sure that in-demand items are always available in the right sizes, styles, colors, or models. Top retail point of sale systems will allow you to track unlimited SKUs so you can manage a large inventory with multiple variations.

  • Shopping Rewards

Loyalty rewards influence many consumers’ decisions about where to shop. Your retail POS system will make it easier to reward your VIP customers, allowing them to earn discounts or free items. Your POS system lets you keep accurate records and easily apply rewards points to purchases.

  • Fast, Efficient Service

Today’s consumers put a high value on their time. A study by payments platform provider Adyen found that about half of consumers consider anything longer than a five-minute wait is too long. The study also found that long lines are costing retailers $37.7 billion in sales each year. Keep lines moving quickly with a retail point of sale system that allows sales associates and cashiers to quickly ring up purchases and complete payment transactions.

Retail Point of Sale Lets You Operate More Profitably

In addition to allowing you to provide loyalty-building customer experiences, your POS system will also help you operate cost-effectively

  • Labor management

Labor is one of a retail businesses’ largest expenses, and it’s important to control labor costs, especially in areas of the country where minimum wage is increasing. POS reporting can help you optimize schedules, so you have enough staff on hand for busy shifts but aren’t paying employees to stand idly by during slower times. Your retail POS system may also have time clock functionality, allowing staff to clock in and clock out on POS terminals, saving you time managing employees.

  • Integrated payments

Retail point of sale systems with integrated payments can automatically share data with your accounting program to save you time and reduce errors that can occur when you rekey information.

Technology Designed for Your Success

The retail industry is in an era of rapid change, and business owners are facing many challenges. It takes the right balance of providing the types of customer experiences shoppers want while operating efficiently so you can maintain a healthy bottom line. Give your business the advantage of retail point of sale, a comprehensive solution that addresses all of your business needs.  

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