When you purchase a point of sale system (POS system) for your business, you want to choose a system that gives you the greatest return on investment (ROI). And one of the best ways to maximize return is to choose a POS system with features designed for your specific type of business. If you operate a tobacco store or sell tobacco products at your grocery or convenience store, choosing a tobacco point of sale system will not only allow you to total sales and manage payment transactions, it can also save you time, decrease labor costs, and improve your bottom line.

Transmit data directly from POS to tobacco manufacturers

A tobacco store POS system with rebate management features is an excellent example of how a point of sale system designed for your business can help you increase your profitability. Tobacco product manufacturers offer rebates in exchange for POS data, which they use to understand their customers in St. Louis, Manchester, or other parts of Missouri — or of the country.

Without a tobacco POS system equipped to manage manufacturers’ rebates, you would have to spend your time pulling tobacco-related sales data from your POS system, formatting it, and transmitting it to the manufacturer. Although you could benefit from rebates totaling hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on your sales volume, you may not have the resources to manage the process manually. A tobacco point of sale system, however, can submit data for rebates automatically.

The data your tobacco POS system collects can also benefit your business. It can provide you with insights into purchasing behaviors and product preferences. Then, you can use that intel to tailor experiences to match exactly what your customers want — which can go a long way toward increasing customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue. 

Inventory management

Tobacco store POS doesn’t only differ from other POS systems by offering rebate management features. It also allows you to streamline inventory management. This function is vital to any retailer, but tobacco store customers are loyal to their brands and types, whether regular, smooth, light, or menthol. That brand loyalty makes it important to have the right products and quantities in stock so you don’t disappoint and frustrate customers, who may decide to shop at a competitor that always has their brand in stock. On the other hand, you also need to be careful not to over order, which can tie up cash flow in slow-moving products.

Tobacco store inventory management is also complicated by the fact that customers can buy by the pack or the case – or even a single cigar. A tobacco POS system’s inventory management features will help you efficiently keep track of quantities and even alert you when it’s time to reorder.  

Streamline overall operations

Tobacco point of sale systems will also have features that save time, allow you and your staff to make the most productive use of their time, and deliver fast, efficient customer service. Your POS system should provide you with:

  • Intuitive screens that are easy for employees to use and for new employees to learn
  • Customer-friendly way to award and redeem loyalty rewards
  • Easy manufacturer coupon acceptance
  • Integrated payments
  • Integration with your accounting program to save time and reduce errors

A Perfect Match

When you’re looking for ways to operate more efficiently and profitably, upgrading your POS system to one designed specifically for tobacco stores can be the answer.

You can learn more by contacting PlazSales. Stores in the St. Louis area — and beyond — that sell tobacco products are successfully using our software to operate more efficiently and profitably. Contact us for a demo.

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