When you’re evaluating new point of sale (POS) systems for your business, you look for the features and functions you need — and rightly so. But are you also making sure you’re investing in a system that will last and perform reliably? A durable POS system can save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in repair or replacement costs over the system’s lifetime, not to mention headaches and lost business due to downtime.

Durable POS System Features

It’s easy to be influenced by a POS system’s sleek style or a lot of bells and whistles. But it’s smarter to invest in a POS system, especially if you operate a café, grocery store, convenience store, liquor store. In retail or service businesses where spills, impacts or vibrations, exposure to dust and dirt are always a possibility, you need a POS system that’s:

      • Water resistant: Accidents happen. Customers lose their grip on a cup, bottles break, and ice melts. A durable POS system designed for use in your business environment makes sure if a spill occurs, the internal components of your POS system are protected, and it can keep working.
      • Fanless: Durable POS systems are designed with solid-state drives, so they don’t need a fan to cool internal parts — and no fan means the system isn’t pulling in dust and dirt that can damage the POS system over time. A fanless system also has no moving parts, which means there’s less likelihood of damage if a clumsy cashier or carton of stock bumps or jars the POS system.    

Look at the Total Cost of Ownership, Not the Sticker Price

A durable POS system is probably going to have a higher initial cost than other systems — especially those that use a consumer tablet and an app. But you need to take more into account than just the sticker price when you invest in a system that your business will use for the next five years or more. For a realistic picture of what a POS system will cost your business, you need to factor in:

      • Repairs not covered by warranty
      • Ongoing service charges
      • Ongoing software maintenance and upgrades
      • Payment processing fees, which may differ if you are locked into using a specific company
      • Installation and training
      • Costs to scale the system if your business grows

A durable POS system that gives you options for payment processing and that’s backed by excellent service and support can easily be more of a bargain after a few years than a tablet system.

Our headquarters is in Manchester, Missouri, the Show-Me State, so we’re used to our clients wanting to see proof. Our basic POS system, featuring a durable design, is priced at $1,995. A new consumer tablet can run between $750 and $1,000. Drop and break the tablet once, and the price is about equal. Attempt to get on-site POS installation, training, and service, and the “cheaper” tablet system is more expensive. The POS system you thought was a bargain may end up costing you more in the long run.

Make a Smart POS Investment

Don’t focus on choosing a POS system that looks “futuristic.” Choose a POS system that will reliably serve your business well into the future — even if it has to withstand the unexpected in your sometimes-harsh business environment.

Part of the equation also needs to be backing by a company that stands behind its products and that works to make sure you get the most from your investment. PlazSales provides total POS solutions that include durable hardware and software that allows your business to grow. Contact us for a demo.

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